User Accounts

Who can create a User account?
From our point of view - anyone. From yours - please consult your local law, boss, parents or whatever.

Can you delete my user account?

Yes, you can delete your Account

  • go to Your Account Settings and go to the Account Settings
  • click Delete Account at the bottom of the list and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and after clicking in the link in the e-mail, you will be prompted to provide your password. After all, your account will be deleted.

Note that deleting an account is not equal to deleting Wikis. If you will delete an account, you Wiki will still be hosted by

Help! I experience strange login/logout/authentication behavior!

Some of the problems related to session handling might be caused (and very often are) by strange configuration provided to you by your internet providers — such as routing problems, forcing caching, short dynamic IP lease time, filtering cookies etc.

If you experience any problems with your browser "logging you out randomly" — please try to experiment with the log-in options. In most cases this would help:

bind session to my IP — set to no
do not timeout my session — set to yes

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