Project Number 8

By Hafiz Sultan Mobeen and Zulfiqar Ali


How stuff works is a website designed to retrieve information from a very large database on user-based queries. It provides not only information and explanatory descriptions regarding different aspects of life, but also elaborates the concepts and themes of different issues of Science and technology.
What is our project?
In this project we are going to explain the different methods and techniques to effectively use this large source of information effectively and efficiently. Our project includes basic but detailed information of the website. It also has efficient methods to optimal searching of concerned topics from the website.

  • Dissemination of Information
  • Easy and Free access of information to all people
  • Provision of a single platform for multiple information resources
  • Aesthetic Educative sense (Make Learning fun & easy)
  • Comprehensive and Easy Elaborations for Massive Population

Applications of this website can be many. It can be used for education purposes at all levels and for all age groups. Some of the applications are stated as under:-

  • Education at all levels
  • Entertainment
  • Interest Reading
  • Information gathering
  • Better understanding of concepts
  • Feasibility in finding Videos

After having a short but comprehensive look at the features of the website and the strategic look at the different methodologies of the use of the website we can conclude that:

  • This site is one of the largest information repositories on the World Wide Web.
  • It has multiple uses for multiple people with multiple levels of intellect.
  • Knowing the proper use of the query in searching a topic is important.
  • Appropriate searching methodologies enhance the reduction of user’s time and effort.

The link to the technical report and presentation on this project is present here

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