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Presented By:
M.KAmran Bodla

The research projects are essential for the advancement of science and technology. Here we had an effort to join hands in this regard. The purpose of our project is to facilitate EE students to enhance their knowledge by getting access to online lectures .In other words, it is the way by which students can listen video lectures of eminent scholars of reputable universities like MIT, Howard, Stanford, Oxford etc.It can help them in saving time. If a student had lost opportunity to gain lectures in the university. He can get his concept cleared by using these sources. It also links the students and teachers of far-flung areas to share their knowledge and hence playing their rule in developing technology. Supposing students of EE we can easily understand it. It means if they find problems in the topic of signals &systems, he can get access to online video lectures of world standard Electrical Engineers. This thing can expose their abilities regarding technology. This can also help them to become familiar with the emerging technology i-e internet.
So now I want to tell you about EE (Electrical engineering) lectures that how we can find them, how they will be helpful for us.
I, here will start their importance by an example that you have lost a lecture in your school and then you will be surely worried about it. Oh don’t worry I am here to tell you what to do. You should get a video lecture, but how? Let’s see.
I think it was best way to understand you the benefits of video lectures and you would have understand it.
Dear! First question is that if you know about searching the internet. If no see here open any Browser
Like Internet explorer which is very common. The easiest way is to open Google (search engine) by writing this link
Then in search bar write what you want and then click on the Google search, (always use “your purpose of search” inverted commas. For effective search and many more symbolic and specific worlds to make your search effective and most of you can save your time also) then many links will open and you should get that link for which you are searching. It is very easy, try it!
The video lectures are very important you can find large number of video lectures from Youtube, Matacafe, MSN, Google videos etc. The best video lectures are of MIT university .You can access to them by following link
There are many other sources some of them are given below; (Berkeley University) (Circuit Analysis)
We just hope that these proved helpful for students. Above, we give a slight touch to the search and give some inks. Know; let us see what the importances of our project are. It proved very helpful to make concept clear, to provide satisfaction, and strengthen the students mentally and physically. It creates synchronization, alertness and also improves our ethics such as speaking and learning skills. This also proved helpful in our feature because it instruct the students practically its means more opportunities for gobs because it also increase our searching skill. Our search proved valuable because any one can get online video lectures. As you see what is project, how we help the students to access their goal, and what are the importance and applications of it. Know we just hope that it lead a hand in this field and provide an excellent infrastructure that solve the queries of the students and motivate them to learn. Pakistani students can play their role in construction of our country by getting help from this.
This is enough that WE can do. Please! feel free to give some comments on it and contact us at moc.oohay|13nimadammahum#moc.oohay|13nimadammahum and moc.oohay|aldobnarmak#moc.oohay|aldobnarmak for suggestion and discussion related to our project. Ok! be sincere. By saying of some wise!
Succes will never lower its standards to accommodate us,
We `ve to raise our our standards to achive it .
“For every bird God provides food,
But not in his nest

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