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Screen casting

Screen casting is known as the video making of your own computer screen to illustrate any idea or to tell some one about your view and share your engineering expertise to some one else. In this depiction you use different tools like cam studio and you also have to record your voice using mike, because you have to say all things with the help of your own voice
Uses of screen casting in engineering fields
Mostly screen casting is used for soft ware engineers with which they are able to describe the use of there products using CD’s. In which they describe the functioning and the utilization of features used in the different soft ware in the market.
In the engineering field engineers can illustrate their work like they can use screen casting in depicting different type of engineering mechanical and electrical models.

Similarly we engineers can make good use of screen casting using tools like cam studio which I will be discussing in next pages. Electronics engineers can easily depict and make tutorials for there students for the better under standing, and good grasp on the subject and to show the work function of components of the gadget.

As I have explained in the above two examples about the different aspects used in different types of engineering similarly civil engineers also do make use of the tool cam studio .
Screen casting
For screen casting we use different type of tools as explained earlier from which one is cam studio. Now I tell you the way we can create our own screen casts to share our knowledge and experiences of engineering.
Creating screen casts
Here are some useful techniques
Before going to create a screen shot you should have a wild idea about what you are going to do. For this you should firstly make a brief script which will enable you to go for the right path and not to wondering away from the target. In this way you can save your lots of time and the time will not be squandered. For this purpose make a strategy and then try to implement it when you are going to start your screen casting.
Now you have to start capturing your screen shot. In most of the programs there video recording button is red so you would click on it and take the snap. There is no need to take full screen snaps because it some times makes it blurred and hazy.
Your main emphasis and the snap of the screen should be on the area on which you want to work on, doesn’t matter how small it is.
Reviewing of what you have done
Now watch out what you have made. There should be a sequence in your scenes, they should make sense. And it should be like that it inculcates the ideas fully into your audience. If there is any thing wrong or out of order you may edit your video
If your video consists of small scenes you can take the retake of your scenes but of course if it consists upon long and comprehensive scenes you need to edit it other wise it could be so time consuming to take the retakes. Editing can be done
e by using a different soft ware if it is not currently built in your recorder other wise In soft wares like encoder you can edit video via your soft ware.
Editing of your video
When you are taking the snaps you have to narrate the things at sometimes, which is bit difficult. Sometimes we take the snap and then we record the voice and after it merge it all together. In this way when you are editing your video you also have to edit your voice as well. For this purpose you have to make small portions you have to record your voice so that you don’t have to do the whole things again. In order to avoid this confusion you better record the voice via your screen recorder directly. It will save your time and will produce precise and perfect results.
Share your work
We can share our work, it is not important that you share it to your class students only we can share it online as well. As I have discussed earlier about our engineering expertise which could easily be share and our engineering work is publicized giving a boost to our work and creating innovative and sharp images which is very fruitful to the young generation.
Examples of available useful screen casting software’s
Cam studio
Cam studio is a freeware. It is varying handy when to use it in the screen casting of small scale my mean to say is that when you use it in your home for small scenes and for small videos.
It is light weight and easily manageable. It does not give you the facility of editing, which is a basic and important thing for any type of screen casting, but as I have stated earlier that it is good for short snaps; of course you can’t use it for your engineering shared work or for engineering tutorials
Snapz pro X
Snapz pro is a very good screen casting software. Which has a very good file compression and video quality? It is far better than cam studio due to its efficiency and video quality. Video editing can not be done in snapz
Camtasia studio 5
Camtasia is not a freeware, It is a commercial software but it is full of good features like it has a very good screen video quality and it can also edit your video. But it costs you a lot. If you are a professional kit is good for you
Adobe captivate 3
It is a bit advanced level program providing lots of facilities, but is a commercial one. It can record your screen video either at once or in a number of small static images, which help you to edit video and have a snap of dynamic scenes, it gives you lots of editing options provided on the menu bar. You can also add in your video images from power point and other presentation sources.

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