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Flowgram is an online communication platform that lets anyone create and share information in ways never before. It forms a medium to fully exploit the resources available on the web and smartly combines them into a presentation, that is both interactive and user friendly. Creators can manipulate and comment on Webpages, photographs, documents and even add a voice narration to their presentations. This exclusively personalized package can shared through email and links to either private groups or the world web
The key feature of flowgram is that it removes communication barriers. Abstract concepts are best explained through flowgrams as it allows you to add entire Webpages, photographs videos and voice narrations. Videos can be uploaded from YouTube, where as photographs can be grabbed from popular sites such as Facebook, Flickr and MySpace.
Flowgram has proved its worth in the field of education. Flowgrams are now being used to create online lectures and tutorials. Most instructors have found the flowgram environment user-friendly and its features have helped deliver the message more effectively. Students found lectures created through flowgrams more interesting. They can not only visualize the content but also hear the instructor’s commentary; this maximizes learning for the student.
Tutorials have become ever so interesting with flowgrams. Now, one doesn’t require reading text out of a book or a manual, instead the screencasts produced through flowgrams graphically represent the data. This motivates learning and saves a lot of time for the student.
Website-walkthroughs is another application of flowgram. Since flowgram can load live pages into the presentation, walkthroughs are merely a matter of browsing pages now! Suppose, you want to explain a friend features of Wikipedia, simply load the site into your flowgram and start browsing it. You can add your voice to make sure the audience stays with you.

Creating a Flowgram
Creating flowgrams is very simple. Go to www.flowgram.com, make a user id and simply login.
After you login, you arrive on main page. The upper tab contains buttons for navigating around the website. Select create from top row.

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